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Photonics lighting is a specialized lighting company, marketing total lighting solutions, including the latest in LED and Fiber Optic Lighting. Our services also include designing and installation, carried out by our skilled and experienced team of professionals.

We have been providing our services both in Sri Lanka and Overseas since 2003, and have grown from strength to strength, securing many local and international projects. We were the pioneers in providing Fiber Optic Lighting and LED solutions in Sri Lanka and remain leaders in the specialized lighting arena.

We represent many international brands in lighting and also custom made designs to suit our clients requirements. Photonics Lighting has over the years, earned the reputation of being the “One Stop Shop” for every lighting requirement among our many satisfied customers.


To provide the most efficient and effective lighting solutions to our customers, backed with quality light fittings and the most reliable after sales service.

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Photonics Lighting (Pvt) Ltd

314/1, Level 2,
Nawala Road, Nawala,
Sri Lanka.

Tel. +94 114517863 / +94 114541066
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Architectural lighting is one of the Photonics core activities. Aspirations of architects, designer, engineers, landscapes and owners have resulted in a comprehensive collection of high quality lighting products offering lighting solutions for every style and budget. Through many years of experience in this field, we understand the architectural requirements and demands. Whether your lighting requirements are in commercial, urban, industrial, social-culture or residential, our expertise and products will be a great asset in the realization of your projects.


The first of our standard product divisions offers an extensive line of architectural decorative standard products including pendants, ceiling mounts, wall sconces and exterior luminaires. These light fixtures are purely for aesthetic or ornamental purpose.

Fiber Optics

Fiber optic cable is an excellent alternative to neon and other traditional lighting products but without any electricity in the cable itself. By using a colour filter or colour wheel in the illuminator, the cable, fiber ends or fixtures can change colour. The cable emits little or no heat making it ideal for applications where electricity/heat is a concern such as wine racks, display cases, and in or around water.

Landscape and Underwater Lighting

Landscape and underwater lighting refer to the use of outdoor illumination of private and public landscapes and bodies of water. It is used for enhancement and purposes of safety, night time aesthetics, accessibility, security, recreation and sports, and social and event uses. Some of the techniques on lighting effects are uplighting, down lighting, pathlighting, spotlighting, perspective lighting, silhouetting, shadowing and wall washing.

LED and Linear Lights

Most everyone is familiar with Light-Emitting-Diodes (LEDs) from their use as indicator lights and numeric displays on consumer electronic devices and message boards. With improvements in LED materials and production, brighter, more efficient and more colourful LEDs are now available which have moved the technology to a wide range of lighting applications.

Custom Made Lights

Custom lighting is one of Photonics forte. Our capabilities and relentless pursuit of unparalleled quality are the reasons behind Photonics Lighting success story

Fanimation ceiling fans

"Photonics" has been appointed as the sole distributor for Fanimation Fans (USA) in Sri Lanka.

Fanimation USA produces unique innovative ceiling fans that are of extremely high quality for hotels and residences. These exceptional designs are now marketed in over 1500 retail stores spanning over 23 countries. Fanimation ceiling fans have been utilized in a wide variety of venues ranging from residential homes to world renowned theme parks. Several critically acclaimed designs have also been featured in Vanity Fair, Modernism and Phoenix Home and Garden. In addition to print publication, Fanimation has graced the silver screen in the movie I,Robot been featured on HGTV and made appearances on Extreme Makeover Home Addition. With designs like the traditional Americana(r), the tropical Islander(r), the transitional Akira(tm) and the contemporary Marea(tm), it's easy to see why Fanimation is an industry leader with Hollywood appeal.



Photonics Lighting started offering Home and Hotel Automation services in 2017 as an extension to the lighting solutions we provide. We have a dedicated team overlooking this area of business and are able to provide the convenience at an affordable fee.

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